The Best Tips And Tricks For Office Cleaning

The cleaning of offices and offices is an essential task when creating an optimal work environment, because a clean and orderly office, promotes the efficient performance of employees, reducing allergic symptoms, and the spread of common seasonal diseases such as colds and flu, eliminating most allergens and microbes with daily cleaning. At the same time, it avoids the transfer of employees to the service, to wash their hands, or to clean their clothes.

But this is not all, as a clean and orderly office, is the first business card before customers, to whom we have to offer a perfect image that transmits quality and excellence in our business.

The owners or managers of offices and offices, for the most part, are aware of the need to keep their facilities in perfect condition, so in one way or another solve this need, either with staff hired directly to perform maintenance cleaning, or delegate this service in one of the many professional cleaning companies.

Between these two options, the first, that is, directly hiring expert office cleaners, may not be totally effective, since it will require dedicating attention and time in the follow-up and instructions to a person in charge, who must leave aside other tasks of his professional qualification, and in many cases will also require the purchase of machinery for some tasks.

Whatever your case, in this article, we will explain the best tricks and tips for cleaning offices and offices, always aiming to achieve a comprehensive cleaning of spaces:

Office Cleaning: Clean The Dust

Let’s start from a basic idea, given the specific characteristics of this type of facilities with a large number of networks and electrical appliances that generate static electricity helping to make dust and dirt settle more efficiently, one of the most essential tasks in the office and office cleaning, will be the elimination of dust and dirt on surfaces such as furniture, computer equipment, and decorations, with procedures that do not generate a new suspension of dust particles in the air.

To carry out this task, use microfibre cloth moistened with the most suitable cleaning product, after a preliminary study of all surfaces and materials.

Clean Office Furniture:

For the cleaning of tables, chairs, and melamine cabinets, or other resistant and non-absorbent materials, a solution of water and detergent with neutral PH can be used, applying it with a microfiber cloth.

Furniture with natural wood plywood surfaces should be cleaned with specific products that nourish the material and prevent deterioration.

Depending on the characteristics of each surface, vacuum cleaners will also be used to achieve the best efficiency and best results, saving time and products.

Clean Computer Equipment:

For the cleaning of computers, screens, printers, photocopiers, and peripherals, always use a microfiber cloth moistened slightly in some soap cleaner with a neutral PH.

I am always remembering that you can not directly spray the products on the equipment to prevent them from penetrating internal wetting components.

Nor can you use abrasive utensils such as aluminum scourers, or powdered detergents with a grainy texture that can scratch or mar the screens and other elements of computer equipment.

You also have to take good care of how the cleaning of computers is done, when passing the cloth, to avoid pressing keys or switches that can start its operation.

In any case, it is always better to make sure that the computer equipment is disconnected from the network, and if it is portable, that the battery has been previously removed, before cleaning it.

Disinfection Of Telephones:

In the cleaning of phones, it is necessary to carry out adequate disinfection of headphones that are very direct foci of virus transmission, to avoid contagion among the users.

Cleaning Of Decorative Objects In Offices:

For cleaning and care of decorative objects, such as lamps, tables, figures, etc., that can be found in offices or offices, always follow the instructions of the client, since there may be pieces of special value, which They need very specific care in their cleaning.

Cleaning Of Bins In Offices:

Another daily task in the cleaning of offices and offices is the removal and replacement of bags from the bins, cleaning the container with a detergent or appropriate product.