How Power Washing Can Make Your Home Beautiful

power washing a sidewalk

Cleanliness is one of our basic needs. The place where we live needs to be clean and free of all pollutants like dust, dirt, rust, and mold. In addition to providing a healthy environment to its inhabitants, a clean house also looks more beautiful and appealing as compared to a dirty, unclean house.

The best way to make sure your house remains clean and beautiful is to get it power washed from a professional power washing service!

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a process in which a powerful pump is used to direct a pressurized stream of water on a building in order to scrub off the dust, rust, mold, and grime from its surface. This method is preferred over other methods of cleaning because:

  • It cleans the building thoroughly
  • It lengthens the lifespan of a building
  • It refreshes the exterior paint and varnish
  • It doesn’t use any detergents or chemical cleaners

Power washing and curb appeal

Power washing increases the visual appeal of your house by following ways.

Remove dust

home before and after power washingThe environment we live in contains a lot of dust which tends to accumulate on buildings and structures over time making their outside appearance dull and ill-looking. If not properly cleaned, even a million-dollar mansion can look like a deserted ruin.

Pressure washing removes all the dust and dirt from a building making it pleasant to see. It not only increases the curb appeal of your home but also increases its anticipated cost in case you are trying to sale it out.

Remove peeled-off paint

The exterior paint of buildings is continuously under the effect of harmful environmental agents such as rain, UV rays, and acidic gases. Over years, this paint loses the adhesion with the concrete and starts peeling off as a result of which, your building looks unclean and ugly.

Pressure washing uses very high pressure of water to clean this peeled off paint and thus, it helps to renew the look of your building. You can also use pressure washing to remove paint before getting a new paint job. It is far more convenient than dry scrubbing the paint.

Remove rust

If you live in an area with high levels of environmental humidity, the metallic parts of a building exterior tend to become rusted and corroded. This does not only make the buildings ugly but it also decreases the lifespan of affected members. So, the best way to protect such surfaces is to get your building pressure washed from a professional washing service.

Remove molds and fungi

The wooden parts of the structure which are exposed to outside environment tend to be affected by molds and fungi. These things can eat the wood away in a matter of months.

This is not just a cosmetic issue but is also a very serious structural threat. If you observe such things growing on the wooden parts of your property, get a quotation from a pressure washing service and get them removed from your property at your earliest.

It is not just about the beauty

getting ready to power wash the entrance walkway Pressure washing, as we have seen in the above discussion, is not just about the beauty of your building, it is also very important for its proper maintenance. If not cleaned regularly, the buildings can be adversely affected by the harmful environmental agents that tend to corrode or otherwise destroy the outside surface of your beautiful home.

Just as an example, if molds destroy the paintwork on the façade or rust eats away its metallic parts, you will face a lot of problematic repairs. Hence, the best way to maintain your property is to get it power washed on a regular basis.

The cost aspect

After you have realized the significance of getting your house pressure washed, the next thing is to know the cost aspect related to this job. You might think you are wasting money on something that is not worth it, but think twice!

Power washing will save you from expensive repairs that can cost thousands of dollars. If you are planning on selling your home, a professional power wash can significantly increase its expected value. And if you are planning on living in it for some more years, a power wash will increase its lifespan.

Why you need to hire pros?

On the surface, pressure washing might seem like a layman job which involves no specialty or expertise. But, in fact, pressure washing is a technical job which requires proper expertise, professional knowledge, and proper safety gear to be carried out efficiently and safely. If you attempt to power wash your house by yourself, you can be at risk of the following things:

  • Injuring yourself or others around you
  • Destroying the paint, top layer of plaster or other exterior components
  • Damaging the equipment

Hence it is highly recommended to hire a professional power washing service to get this job done for you!